SewBrum Swap Kalle

The 2023 SewBrum meet-up was the tenth time the event has taken place, so I decided to make it a special one. The whole event took place in Moseley Village, home to Guthrie & Ghani, and I rented a second venue, Moseley Exchange, to give us more space. Across the […]

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2023 Wrap-Up

I always take two weeks holiday at Christmas, and one of the nice tasks I set myself is to have a reminisce about what I made, enjoyed and generally got up over the past year, aided by a scroll back through Instagram. When I started looking back at 2023, I

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Long abandoned V1558

I build up piles of crafts supplies and then, every so often, I can’t face looking at them anymore and have a good sort out. Last August bank holiday, I reached that point with my overflowing repairs/alterations/UFOs baskets, and rationalised them down to a single basket (which I have since

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Hello Kitty Tamarack

The first time we visited Tokyo, in 2017, I bought a quilted floral fabric and made it into two Tamarack jackets, for me and my mom. We visited Tokyo again earlier this year, and I decided to visit Tomato fabric store for another pre-quilted fabric, to make a new Tamarack

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Floral Vogue V9253 (V1735)

Yesterday, we spent the day celebrating my cousin’s wedding. I previously made my first Vogue V9253 (which is now reprinted as V1735) for a family wedding, and thought this wedding would be the perfect opportunity to make the pattern again. My original V9253 was sewed in a rush (before a

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Fonda Jane Tees

We joined a gym at the end of last year, when one of the cheap gym chains opened a gym ten minutes walk from home, and I decided that it was the perfect excuse to make some custom exercise tees. I didn’t actually need any new tees, as cute/cool t-shirts

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Fairytale Cape Revisited

The one downside of the knitted spider web yoke I wore yesterday, is that you can’t easily wear a jacket over it without it bunching up. As we were about to leave the house for a walk, I remembered that I had a cape hanging in the wardrobe, which I

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