Vintage Sleeveless Top (Blackmore 9106)

The last time we stayed in Prague, I made a first visit to Textile Mountain fabric shop, which specialises in deadstock fabrics. One of the fabrics I purchased had a label attached, noting that the fabric was likely from 1948, and was leftover stock following a family fabric shop (U Krupickun) being nationalised.

I decided that I needed to pair this vintage cotton fabric with a vintage pattern, and found a suitable pattern in my local charity shop, the Birmingham Hospice shop in Selly Oak. The pattern is Blackmore 9106. Blackmore were an English pattern company, based in Bletchley, which operated from 1845 until approximately the 1960s (judging by available patterns). My fabric piece was 140x135cm wide, which gave me just enough fabric for the sleeveless pattern variation.

The fabric had a (slightly uneven) band sewn along one edge (perhaps it has been used as a curtain?) and some darned sections. I managed to kept the band section intact, and position it at the hem of the blouse. The original sewing had been quite messy, but I left it exactly as it was, including the inside seam. The final vintage touch, was adding vintage plastic buttons in a similar blue to the front of the blouse.

I love collecting vintage patterns (when I find them in charity shops), and I like the idea of sewing projects from my vintage patterns, but when I occasionally do, I tend to wish I was sewing a modern pattern! This pattern was simple enough, but the collar construction felt a bit fiddly and I might alter it if I make this little pattern again. Having said that, I googled Blackmore patterns while writing this post, and spotted the most adorable coat pattern, so perhaps I’ll sew another vintage pattern soon.

The blouse has bust darts, and centre front and back darts, but has a still slightly oversized fit which probably wasn’t intended, but which I like, although it does mean it balloons slightly when worn with these shorts. These photos were taken in Marrakesh El Badi Palace back in November, when we were there celebrating my 40th birthday.

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