SewBrum Swap Kalle

The 2023 SewBrum meet-up was the tenth time the event has taken place, so I decided to make it a special one. The whole event took place in Moseley Village, home to Guthrie & Ghani, and I rented a second venue, Moseley Exchange, to give us more space.

Across the two venues, we hosted social space, a market with seven amazing businesses setting up stall for the day, the annual charity raffle, and swaps for patterns, fabric, and handmade garments. I counted 142 attendees into Moseley Exchange and the raffle raised £1,300 for local charities.

I was busy on the door at Moseley Exchange for most of the day, but I had a shop at the market (and also pointed out some Christmas present request items to my mom!), and I picked up this Closet Core Kalle shirtdress in the garment swap. Thank you to the donor!

It’s made in a really nice striped cotton with an embroidered lightening bolt motif. It’s cut to a short shirtdress length, but is too short to wear without leggings under, so I’m going to trim it to shirt length which I think will get more wear. It’s paired here with another Closet Core pattern, Pietra shorts.

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