Hello Kitty Tamarack

The first time we visited Tokyo, in 2017, I bought a quilted floral fabric and made it into two Tamarack jackets, for me and my mom. We visited Tokyo again earlier this year, and I decided to visit Tomato fabric store for another pre-quilted fabric, to make a new Tamarack jacket.

The Tokyo fabric shops have a wide range of quilted fabrics, but I eventually settled on this white Hello Kitty print fabric and bought enough to make a Tamarack plus the hood extension. I have a little fabric left over and I’m tempted to see if I can squeeze a matching miniskirt out of it.

I think this is my fourth time making the Tamarack jacket, and I reused the pattern pieces I already had printed out before remembering that the last Tamarack I made was a faux-fur jacket with a zip front, and that I’d narrowed the front pattern piece to accommodate the zip. I hadn’t intended to add a zip front to this Hello Kitty version, but I found a chunky zip in a matching blue and it worked out fine.

Apart from the zip, the pattern is as per instructions, in a size 2. 2 is well below the size my current measurements put me in (size 8), but I wanted the same fit as my previous Tamarack jackets. I think it’s safe to say you can size down with this pattern.

I don’t have many jackets with hoods and I think this will be perfect for walking to the shops and in the local park.

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