Fonda Jane Tees

We joined a gym at the end of last year, when one of the cheap gym chains opened a gym ten minutes walk from home, and I decided that it was the perfect excuse to make some custom exercise tees. I didn’t actually need any new tees, as cute/cool t-shirts […]

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Seamwork Neenah Dress

This is the Seamwork Neenah Dress one of my #makenine projects, made with a stash fabric of forgotten origin (thanks to the Cora App I won’t be forgetting where I bought fabric in future). Although I can’t remember where I bought this fabric, I do know I bought it with

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Seamwork Loretta

Ahh, how satisfying to find time to write an actual blog post. A lot of bloggers will post after some time away to say that they haven’t found time to blog, but have been doing lots of sewing. Well, I haven’t been doing either! Over the last few months, my

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Seamwork Kenedy & Manila

I’ve got a Seamwork pairing to show today. These are the Kenedy dress and Manila leggings, both patterns from Seamwork magazine. The Manila leggings were included in the January 2015 issue and I’ve been meaning to make them since then – better late than never! I was much quicker with the

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Oslo Cardigan Strike 2

I’m a bit slow posting this Oslo Cardigan, which was a Christmas present for my mom. Now that I’m back at work, Christmas feels ages ago. My first week back at work went very, very slowly, but no doubt I’ll be back to my normal routine soon. This is my second

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