Sheepy Events

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the chance to take part in a few sheep/wool related events due to being a member of the Birmingham Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. A couple of weeks ago, I spent Bank Holiday Monday visiting Harcourt Rare Breeds. The Harcourt flock is split over […]

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As a British yarn addict, I’m always really excited by the prospect of a new yarn from Blacker Yarns. Not only do they produce lovely yarns, they do so using unusual wools, create unique blends, and support small producers in the UK. The newest yarn from Blacker, Tamar, is released

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Indigo & Logwood Dyed Silk Dress & One Year One Outfit Thoughts

I realised that I hadn’t written a wrap-up post about my experience of participating in #1year1outfit during 2015. It’s partly because using British fibres has seeped into my making (particularly my knitting) to such an extent that it doesn’t feel like there is an end point. However, I thought I should

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Hancock in Lyonesse

Inspired by Gillian’s Better Pictures Project, and Katie’s guest post in particular, I photographed this recent knitting project indoors. However, I was paranoid the photos would be too dark (it was a grey day) so there is a mixture of indoor and outdoor photos below! This is the Hancock pattern

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British Cluny Lace & Silk Savannah Camisole

My second article for Seamwork magazine was published in their December issue. The article is a profile of Cluny Lace, the only remaining company in the UK making leaver’s lace using traditional leavers and jacquard machinery, which was also designed and built in Nottingham. Cluny Lace is a family-run business, and has been

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Pattern Queue or Pattern Scrum

Sometimes stereotypes aren’t too wide of the mark. English people do take queuing very seriously. If there is a line we’ll join the end, and we’ll proceed to the front in the order we joined. Anyone attempting to jump the rightful order of the queue will receive some very dirty looks. Unless

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