Pattern Queue or Pattern Scrum

Guthrie & Ghani Grand Opening

Sometimes stereotypes aren’t too wide of the mark. English people do take queuing very seriously.

If there is a line we’ll join the end, and we’ll proceed to the front in the order we joined. Anyone attempting to jump the rightful order of the queue will receive some very dirty looks. Unless they are over retirement age, then it’s ok.

With that in mind, I find it hard to describe my upcoming sewing projects as a queue. If it were a queue they would wait in line and each get sewn in the order they were added. What actually happens is that I have, in my head, a ‘huddle’ of patterns waiting to be sewn soon, not necessarily in any clear order. Even worse, newer patterns are liable to leap frog straight to the front, and some poor patterns wait for years before their turn comes.

A pattern scrum as it were, or, at least, not a very English type of pattern queue.

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