Masika Knitted Skirt

Knitted Masika Skirt

It’s been ages since I sat down to write a blog post about a finished garment project. This little knitted skirt has been on my ‘to-make’ list for so long that I thought actually finishing it deserved recording.

This is the Masika Skirt by Kari-Helene Rane, designed for, and knitted in, yarn from Purl Alpaca Designs.

Knitted Masika Skirt

Thanks to past blog posts, I can confirm I bought this pattern in 2016 at Yarnporium in London. I bought a kit to make the Malachi Vest at the same time and knit that quite quickly, but this pattern has been waiting ever since – always part of my knitting plans, but never quite getting to the front of the queue.

For the last two years I’ve asked family to buy me the yarn for planned projects as birthday or Christmas presents, and Phil gifted me the yarn for this skirt for my last birthday. I was a little bit wary about substituting the yarn for this in case it affected the fit, so went with the recommended yarn, Purl Alpaca Designs Fine, a 100% alpaca yarn.

Knitted Masika Skirt

Based on my measurements, I started knitting the pattern in the Medium size, but tried it on once I had completed a few inches and it looked too big. I took a cautious approach and left the Medium version on some spare needles while I started again in the Small size. Once I had both samples at a similar length, I tried both on, decided to stick with the Small, and frogged the Medium version.

I’m really pleased with the finished skirt. It’s definitely a mini skirt but gives enough coverage (for me) paired with tights. It’s still quite roomy at the waist – and wouldn’t stay up on its own – but works great with a belt. Having worn it a few times, I am going to go back and add one additional belt loop at the centre back to stop the belt riding up.

Knitted Masika Skirt Knitted Masika Skirt

I do enjoy the challenge of a more complex knitting project and learning something new, but a fairly straightforward project like this one, which can be picked up every time you have a few minutes spare, and is small enough to be carried around when you’re out and about, is the most satisfying of all.

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