Announcing… #StitchAdvent Calendar

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I’ve been working on a new project behind the scenes – announcing #StitchAdvent Calendar, a digital (PDF) advent calendar for sewers.

The run up to Christmas is my favourite time of the year and, once I got the idea in my head, I couldn’t resist pulling together an advent calendar designed for sewers to celebrate Christmas and/or New Year 2021.

The advent calendar will take the form of a PDF document, and the daily surprises will be a mixture of small festive sewing patterns (designed by me) and offers from some of your favourite sewing businesses.

How to Use the Digital Advent Calendar

The advent calendar PDF will include a page for each day of December, with each page clearly numbered with that day’s date (& an interactive contents page to skip straight to it). You can treat this like a paper advent calendar, only looking at one page per day through December for a daily surprise, or you can choose to look ahead if you just can’t wait.

What’s Inside

Each weekend in December, the advent calendar will feature a small festive sewing pattern designed by Charlotte Emma Patterns. There will also be an associated video which will be available on my YouTube channel with more information about the pattern.

Each weekday in December, the advent calendar will feature a discount code or digital content from a sewing-based business.

(All discount codes included in the calendar will start at 1am GMT on the day they are featured on the calendar and run for a minimum of 24 hours to cover multiple time zones, with specific details listed against each offer).

When Will I Receive the Calendar?

#StitchAdvent Calendar is currently available for pre-order and is on sale during September. Purchase now and the PDF digital advent calendar will be sent to you via email in late November.

I hope you’re excited to take part & to make this part of your Christmas & New Year celebrations this year x

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