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Printed Blue Jay

I carved a couple of small images in lino on Thursday evening. I carved them sat on the sofa in the living room while watching TV which probably isn’t ideal! I was a bit more careful when I printed them at least. The first image is of a blue jay, …

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这是我 的作业: 上个星期六早上十点半就 我开车去了Barber Institute美术馆在伯明翰的大学。 我上利诺雕刻印刷的课。 课的话题是中国的艺术, 因为上个星期是中国新年。 我和我的同学去Barber 美术馆看中国的艺术, 然后我们画了一幅图。 我画了福的汉字和梅花盛开。 这是我的印刷! A more detailed version of this post is available in English, here

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