Give us a raise, Loser!

Me and Phil are more than a little obsessed with the cartoon Regular Show. We’ve been working our way through the three series currently being aired on Cartoon Network, and will sadly soon have seen all episodes until series four is aired. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about two 20-something losers (who happen to be a blue jay and a racoon) who spend most of their time avoiding work and having bizarre adventures.

I’m working on a Regular Show linocut print for Phil and below is an initial test print of the image. I’m thinking it would make a good t-shirt print:) This is Mordecai & Rigby telling their boss to “give us a raise, loser”, from the episode ‘The Power’, in which they steal a magic keyboard which forces people to do what they say if they sing their request, until they are forced to go to the moon to retrieve a colleague they accidently sent there (along with an assortment of random junk such as a can machine that doesn’t work & family of ducks). That’s just the kind of thing that happens in Regular Show.
Regular Show Linocut Print

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