Polkagris Kerchief

I hope everyone reading is enjoying the weekend. I had a great day attending the Sew Up North meet-up yesterday, and am thoroughly enjoying sitting on the sofa in my pyjamas this morning, with plans to sew while catching up with vlogs once I’ve clicked publish on this post. It’s

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My First Weavers, Spinners, & Dyers Summer School & First Woven Scarf

In the last few years, I’ve become fairly involved with the Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers. I sit on the General Purpose Committee (since 2016), produce the Association’s monthly newsletter and manage the social media accounts (including the Instagram account). The Association has a very traditional structure

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Brioche Twister Scarf

Last Summer, I attended a brioche class with Renée Callahan of East London Knit at Yarningham, a Birmingham-based yarn festival. After the class, before I could forget everything I had learned about brioche knitting, I started this Brioche Twister Scarf, a free pattern for signing up to Renee’s newsletter. Satisfyingly this

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Launch Day Brigitte Scarf

Yippee it’s finally launch day for Love at First Stitch, Tilly Walnes‘ first book (I’m sure there will be more). I’ve actually had the book since last weekend and have made a start on a Mimi blouse – to be blogged soon. This is my Brigitte Scarf to celebrate the

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