Drapey Mustard Linden

Another week, another Linden! This Linden features a very simple ‘hack’, and is my entry for the “Stitched with a Twist” Instagram challenge. I’ve been planning to make this Linden since last March when I spotted the sweatshirt below in an email from Uniqlo. I thought it would be easy […]

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A Linden in Trajan’s Market

This would have been my contribution for the Sewcialists TNT month, but I missed the month (November)! This is my ninth blogged Linden. I was listening to the Love to Sew podcast episode about sewing patterns recently (episode 17), and discussion of the pluses/minuses for PDF and printed patterns. For me,

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Linden Swap

Just a quick post to share this amazing Linden which I received as part of the Linden Swap organised by the extraordinarily lovely Victoria (@sewmyown on Instagram). I received this Linden from Elinor (@el_pepperell on Instagram), and in turn made a Linden for another participant (I was really late so they

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Sheepy Linden

I made this Linden Sweatshirt last year and finally photographed it recently in Bruges. This sweatshirt is based on one I spotted in a fashion magazine while getting my hair cut. I recreated it using the Linden Sweatshirt pattern. The only change I made to the pattern (version A, size 2)

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