Slow Stitch: A Book Review

I recently received a copy of Claire Wellesley-Smith’s beautiful new book Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art. It’s an absolutely gorgeous book from outside in, with a suitably tactile cover. Given the synergy of the book with Slotober, I thought it’d post a short review and some pictures before the

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If You Don’t Already Love Luke Drozd’s Art You Will Soon

I’m indebted to Luke Drozd for supplying some amazing prints for the charity event me and colleagues organised recently. I was particularly excited to receive donations from Luke as I’m a huge fan. Not only is Luke generous he also produces some truly lovely screen prints. Judging by recent updates to his blog & Facebook

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Made in the Middle

Last Tuesday me and Phil went to the MAC after work for a valentine’s day screening of Brief Encounter. Prior to the film we visited the Made in the Middle craft exhibition which is currently located at the MAC prior to going on tour. Going to a craft exhibition after

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