Peppermint Magazine Pocket Skirt

I’m sneaking in a last post for 2021, featuring a last sewing project!

This is the Peppermint Magazine Pocket Skirt by Tara of Paper Theory. I started making this on my birthday in November, with a grey linen fabric from my stash. I got about half way through sewing this on my birthday, and then didn’t manage to pick it back up and finish it until this week. It’s a free pattern and a really enjoyable and easy/quick sewing project.

The pockets are satisfyingly large and the construction of them is also very satisfying, with the skirt side panels folded up to form the pockets when joined to the skirt front and back. The added bonus of this skirt is that it will be easy to alter if my weight changes – I actually found that I’d made it a little loose when I wore it to visit my mom and dad and take these photos yesterday, so removed a couple of inches from the waistband elastic. It would be equally easy to add to, or replace, the elastic if it became to tight, which is something I’ve done on two old skirts this week, following a thorough review of my wardrobe recently.

I only sewed two other garments for myself this year (two t-shirts) which weren’t tests or samples of my own patterns, so really enjoyed trying out a new-to-me pattern and treating myself to a new skirt. The skirt is paired here with a RTW hat which I bought in Jarrold department store during a family holiday in Norfolk this year. Speaking of hats, I did manage to make of few of those for myself this year and am planning a round-up post sharing them all soon. Happy New Year everyone!

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