No Sew

Rupert, Miniature Dachshund

Phew, things have been busy lately, there’s been no time to be crafty. It started with a work trip to Istanbul, followed by a tooth infection which kept me from getting on with any sewing last weekend, and then a busy weekend this week completing chores which had already been put off too long.

While in Istanbul, I did manage to locate a fabric and notions district just outside the Grand Bazaar. It was a rather whistle-stop shopping trip but I managed to have a quick mooch. The various shops selling notions – tending to specialise in a certain type such as notions or lace – had overwhelming volumes of stock.

Fabric Shopping in Istanbul, Turkey
Fabric Shopping in Istanbul, Turkey

I’m hoping for a nice quiet week ahead with time to sew. I have the pieces for a blouse cut out ready to go as soon as I get an opportunity. I’ve also started planning a little dog jacket for the new member of the family pictured above, Rupert, my brother and his partner’s miniature dachshund puppy.

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