Knitting all of the Time & Elsewhere

Unicorn Parallelograms Scarf in progress

When I started knitting over Christmas 2013, It was to have a more portable hobby to take away with me when travelling, and I did only knit on planes and trains. Lately, however, partly due to subscribing to multiple knitting podcasts, I’ve really become passionate about knitting and am now knitting every day. As a result, I’ve completed nearly as many knitting projects in the last couple as months (yet to be blogged), as I had in the previous year and a bit since I first learned to knit.

I get my knitting fix while commuting to and from work everyday (plus a little in the evening while watching tv). I catch four trains a day (two to work, two home), all of which are busy. I’ve found that the secret to successful knitting while commuting is circulars. They’re super portable, they’re nice and short so you’re less likely to elbow the person sat next to you, and they’re highly unlikely to be confiscated at customs when flying (in my experience straights don’t get confiscated either, but are more likely to trigger a bag check). I’m knitting everything on circulars lately – socks (DPNs were recommended by the pattern), a hat, gloves, and currently a scarf (all of these patterns recommended straights). Next up in my knitting queue is a cardigan, and I expect to be knitting that on circulars too.


♥ I adore Home and Away, the new pattern book from Knitbot, Hannah Fettig. I’ve added Hancock, Lesley & the Rosemont Cardigan to my Ravelry queue.

♥ Have you seen BritYarn? It’s a new online wool shop selling British wool, patterns and knitting accessories. I’m largely sticking to British wool currently, as a result of taking part in Nicki’s #1year1outfit project, so it’s ideal for me.

♥ Thanks to Marcy, Bloglovin’ now has a sewing category!

♥ As part of Shetland Wool Week, Donna Smith has designed an amazing Baa-ble Hat knitting pattern. It’s free to download on the Wool Week website.

♥ I can’t wait to try the new Lyonesse Linen Blend yarn from Blacker Yarns, perfect for summer knitting (assuming we ever get some warm weather).

The True Cost movie has now been released and is available for online download. The scenes of contaminated water pouring out of factories made the biggest impact on me.

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