Fairytale Cape Revisited

The one downside of the knitted spider web yoke I wore yesterday, is that you can’t easily wear a jacket over it without it bunching up. As we were about to leave the house for a walk, I remembered that I had a cape hanging in the wardrobe, which I hadn’t worn in a few years. As a bonus, it was threatening rain and the cape has a hood!

Thanks to my blog (and, more recently, Instagram) I can normally work out when I completed projects. My blog tells me that I made this cape back in November 2014, with fabric (from Barry’s Fabrics) and buttons (from the Rag Market) purchased at the very first SewBrum meet-up! So this little cape is nine years old, and almost the same age as SewBrum. The pattern is the Fairy Tale Cape by Charlie of This Blog is Not For You, which is still available here!

Now that I’ve remembered this cape, I’m going to start wearing it during my daily walks as it’s easy to throw on to keep the rain off. You can see my original blog post about making the cape here and a couple of my original photos from 2014 below. It’s paired with my first BHL Anna dress, a long time favourite.

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