Vogue 1428 for the Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Today it’s my turn to share the outfit I’ve made for the Vogue Patterns Cocktail Hour Sew-along, complete with cocktail! As with last year’s Big Vintage Sew-along, McCalls have selected a range of patterns for the event, with proceeds from the sale of those patterns (between March until November) being donated to The Eve Appeal gynecological cancer charity.

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

The twenty patterns included in the sew-along are evening-wear themed, with lots of dresses, but also separates, outerwear, and accessories. After liberal umming and ahhing, I decided to sew Vogue 1428.

Vogue 1428 is designed as a dress in three parts – a skirt, vest under-bodice, and lace bodice – which are joined together at the waist. I decided that they would get more wear as separates, so constructed the skirt and bodice in that way, skipping the vest altogether in favour of a RTW one.

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

There’s actually very few changes required to this pattern to create separates instead of a dress. Based on the pattern’s recommended sizing, I cut a size 10 in the bodice and 12 in the skirt; the bodice is spot on, although I could have probably sized down slightly in the skirt.

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

For the skirt, I followed the pattern instructions until the end, when I cut and attached a waistband with a single button closure, instead of attaching it to the bodice (I just cut a straight band based on my waist measurement, but you could use a waistband pattern piece from a TNT pattern).

I really love the box pleats on the skirt, and think it looks great in this heavier weight fabric, purchased at Barry’s Fabric in Birmingham. I made absolutely no attempt to pattern match the skirt at the side seams, and am using limited fabric as my excuse.

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

The lace for the bodice was also purchased at Barry’s, who have a great selection of lace and evening wear fabrics. This lace has a textured surface and a touch of glitter, which I managed to dust all around the house in the process of cutting and sewing this.

The pattern instructs you to cut the base of the bodice along the scalloped edge of your lace, so constructing the bodice as a separate is just a matter of not attaching it to the skirt or to an under-bodice. I created a slightly more raised ‘collar’ on mine, by attaching the lace around the neck slightly differently than instructed (I just placed the raw edges together and sewed with a french seam).

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

I’m really pleased with the finished garments and think they will get lots of wear – the skirt in particular. I fancy another version of the skirt in a summery colour, for a more day-time look. I also found this quite a quick sewing project, useful to know if you ever need an evening outfit in a hurry!

I figured this outfit was worth a trip out for photos, so popped to the local park this morning, cocktail & most suitable glass I owned slipped inside my handbag, before it got too busy. Not a bad start to the day!

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

Vogue V1428 for The Cocktail Hour

If you want to take part in the sew-along, you can view all of the patterns here, and the outfits made as part of the blogger tour so far here.

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