Stone Carving – my one and only attempt

I’m typing this post in front of the TV while watching Cartoon Network! I haven’t watched much kids TV lately, but I’m pretty impressed with the Amazing World of Gumball and Regular Show.

Having mentioned the MAC (Midlands Arts Centre) in my last post, I thought this might be a suitable time to post the image below. The MAC run a load of courses and one of those I’ve previously attended is stone carving. We were lucky to have a really talented sculptor, Michael Scheuermann as our teacher.

Being fairly petite (and over cautious about taking off too much stone) stone carving took me ages. It took me a couple of terms worth of classes to create the woman’s head pictured below, in which time other members of the class had created two or three sculptures. The head is carved in sandstone, which is a nice soft stone for a beginner to carve. The hair effect was created using a tooth chisel which is one of the basic stone carving tools.

Carved sandstone head

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