Printing and potatoes

Phil spent this Sunday helping his mom buy and set-up a new TV, which gave me time to get a few jobs done at home. Now that the weather has improved (hopefully) I thought it was time to start planting some vegetables. I made a start today by planting a small bag of seed potatoes, reusing an old Ikea bag as the container. The Ikea bag made a perfect container, it just needed a few small holes cutting in the sides and bottom of the bag before putting the compost & potatoes in.

Potatoes growing in an Ikea bag

After my potatoes were planned I made use of the rest of the afternoon to get some printing done, including creating mother’s day cards for mine and Phil’s moms.  The flower printed on the cards is Cosmos Bipinnatus or Garden Cosmos. As the weather was so nice I sat in the garden to carve the image & then did the printing inside the shed.
Cosmos bipinnatus linocut print card

#Cosmos bipinnatus linocut print card

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