Pattern Testers Wanted

Since the start of 2020, I’ve been preparing to launch an independent sewing pattern company.

My first pattern is almost ready for release (later this year), and I would HUGELY appreciate it if you’re able to volunteer to test the pattern, to help catch any issues with the instructions or the pattern which have been missed.

The first pattern is aimed at intermediate sewers and is an outerwear pattern for a shaped slim-fitting jacket (sneak peek at the design at the bottom of this post).

If you are interested in helping this test this, or other upcoming patterns, please do sign-up using my pattern testing form. Before each pattern release, I’ll contact the people signed up to this list to share more information about the pattern (description & line drawing) and the time-frame for testing, to confirm who is available & interested in testing that pattern.

If you are interested in testing but aren’t comfortable testing an intermediate design or aren’t interested in this specific pattern, do still sign up to test future patterns.

More details on the patterns and the testing process are provided below.

The Patterns:

  • The patterns are PDF only, and include A4/US Letter & A0 copy shop printing options.
  • The patterns include two size ranges (pictured below). The first is range 4-22 based on a B-cup block. The second is range 20-36 based on a D-cup block.
  • The patterns have been developed with a professional pattern cutter and grader, and with two fit models.
B-Cup size range image
B-Cup size range image

Pattern Testing:

  • Pattern testers will be given approximately one month to undertake testing.
  • Testers will receive a copy of the final pattern on its release, and I will send an A0 copy of the pattern to testers where preferred.
  • Pattern testers will be asked to sew the pattern and to provide feedback on the instructions (e.g. do you have the information you need, are the instructions easy to follow?) and on the pattern (labels, notches, etc.). 
  • There will be no requirement for pattern testers to promote the pattern or to provide photos for promotional purposes.
  • Everyone is very welcome (no need for a social media presence), although to keep it manageable I will manage the number of testers per pattern and size.
  • Pattern testers will be invited to contribute feedback (& chat to each other) via a Slack group, or can send feedback directly to me if preferable.
  • All feedback will be very much valued and responded to.

If you are able to help out, please sign-up as a tester here.

A sneak peek of the line drawing for my first upcoming pattern release is below:

Line drawing of a shaped slim fitting jacket
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