#NYlon2014 Meet-Up

Last Saturday I attended a sewing meet-up in London for the first time. I was one of 71 sewists taking part in the amazing meet-up arranged by Rachel.

We took over the V&A, and then took over the Goldhawk Road!
NYlon2014 London Sewing Meet Up
Before the meet-up I was paired with the lovely Ingrid for the name-tag swap. Ingrid made me an amazing tag inspired by my love of Star Trek.
#NYlon2014 Sewing Meet-up Name Tag
I made Ingrid a mini dress name tag.
#NYlon2014 Sewing Meet-up Name Tag
Due to lots of nattering about sewing I didn’t actually spent that long shopping, but I did get three lovely fabrics all of which are going to become dresses! I could not resist that Doraemon fabric. I’ve never seen one before but the shop actually had three different Doraemon fabrics.
#NYlon2014 Sewing Meet-up Purchases

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