Manga themed pottery painting

I haven’t managed to visit one of my favourite local crafty shops All Fired Arts in a while. All Fired Arts offer pottery painting (along with an increasing range of other nice things). I’ve painted a few pottery tiles at the shop, they’re nice and easy because they have a flat surface:) Two manga themed tiles I painted are pictured below. The first is based on an image from the manga Life. If you don’t know it, Life is an extremely dramatic shojo manga about a teenage girl who goes through just about every possible emotional experience teenage girls in shojo manga tend to go through. I did end up rushing the painting a little as I was running out of time before the shop shut…

Painted tile - image from the manga Life

The Doraemon coaster below was a little present for Phil. Unfortunately Phil accidently dropped him on the floor (crack pictured!).

Painted Doraemon coaster

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