How Many Sewing Machines Does it Take to Make A Sewing Fanatic…?

Sewing Machines
I’ve had a sewing machine since I was little (me and my mom used to share) – but I’ve only ever one. In the last couple of months, however, that jumped up to 3. My mom and dad treated me to my first serger for my birthday (I’m looking forward to sewing knits, so far I’ve just made some knickers). For Christmas Phil treated me to a mini sewing machine which I can take with me when travelling.

Compared to some sewing bloggers I suspect 3 sewing machines is still a relatively small number, but I think it’s enough to signify an obsession…

I treated myself to a little present for Christmas too. A spool rack from the Gift’s For Crafters store.
Spool Reel Rack

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