Hotel room linocutting

Linocutting in a hotel room

I’m away from home for a conference on behalf of work this week. Unfortunately the conference is at Stansted airport so there’s no opportunity for sightseeing/shopping, although the hotel serves waffles & maple syrup for breakfast so it’s not all bad;) I brought along lots of linocutting supplies on the off chance & have managed to get an hour to myself this evening to do a little. I’ve managed to complete carving a linoleum matrix of a small bunch of sweet peas. You’ll see I cut away the excess lino around the image which reduces the time involved in carving the lino & also the risk of any missed patches picking up ink during the printing process. The prints from this carving were supposed to be a mother’s day present for mine & Phil’s moms but I didn’t manage to complete it in time. It’s ready for printing now but will need to wait until I get home, I didn’t bring along my inks as I thought the risk of making a mess was too high (plus they would have been heavy to lug here).

I’m planning some manga themed prints next – probably a Kyoko from Maison Ikkoku & a Doraemon (how could I resist). I’d love to get on with some carving during some of the duller conference talks but I accept it could come across as somewhat eccentric…


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