Felt teapots

As part of my Nans’ Christmas presents I made teapot shaped coasters or stands to place under a hot teapot or pot in the kitchen. I only had thin felt so cut two layers and machine sewed them together.

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Felt Doraemon plush

Homemade plush Doraemon, a photo by EnglishGirlAbroad on Flickr. I adore Doraemon so I often end up sewing/drawing/painting him. This is a small plush Doraemon I created as a gift for my partner (also a Doraemon fan). I created him using a pattern from a Japanese Doraemon pattern book. Expect

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I work at a University which means I get nice long holidays at Christmas and Easter; I usually set myself a craft project or two which I might not get time for otherwise. Last Christmas I decided to have a go at papercutting. My three first (and only) attempts are enclosed below.

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Clematis embroidery

Clematis embroidery, a photo by EnglishGirlAbroad on Flickr. This Christmas I decided to try and make gifts for family members (in addition to buying them presents of course!). My Mom is a keen gardener and flower arranger so I created her this custom clematis embroidery – embroidery currently being my

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